CyberBrokers Quests

CyberBrokers is a first-of-its-kind art collectibles ecosystem centered around 10,001 unique and CyberBroker NFTs.

Cyphage has teamed up with CyberBrokers to deliver epic interactive quests that immerses their community into The Lost Paradigm as they follow the story of Ken, Zinc, and Spice, and collect mecha NFT parts along the way.




A 2D pixel art browser game with multiple explorable environments, music, and interactive puzzles.

TPL Corporations

Multiple corporations, websites, and logos were created to let questers immerse themselves and explore The Lost Paradigm. Including fully built out web3 interactive operating system.


Mind-bending puzzles that immersed questers in the story of Ken, Zinc, and Spice, forcing them to work together as teams and determine how to move the story forward.

Alternate Reality

The creation of a physical POST box that questers had to solve at a CyberBrokers party in New York City. This POST box when solved helped move the story of TPL forward.

Meta Gaming

Bringing the questers directly to the metaverse by letting them load directly into TPL with the creation of a 3D voxel environment explorable inside of the multiplayer Voxels game engine.