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About Us

Cyphage is a creative agency dedicated to enhancing viral marketing of products through the utilization of engaging experiences. We thrive on enhancing the intersection of art and technology with gamification and interactivity.

Cyphage aims to bring the immersive experiences of Alternate Reality Games, and puzzle solving to audiences with a widespread range of skillsets via appealing to the common human interests of curiosity, problem solving, and fascination with intrigue. We passionately believe that the world and your communities will engage deeper with your products, and with each other, when they can share interactive experiences and make memories together with like minded peers.

Cyphage is also thoroughly connected to decentralization and cryptocurrency communities. As these technologies allow more and more direct communication and interaction with your customer base and influencers, it's more critical than ever to have engaging experiences in store for them. We envision the experiences we develop as integral pieces of the puzzle that will usher these technologies into the mainstream and set a new precedent for what's expected from direct fanbase interaction.

Our Work

Our services

Puzzle Design

Want to engage your audience with a one-off puzzle or series of puzzles? We’ll work closely with you to design and implement a set of experiences tailored to your theme, audience, and schedule.

ARG & Immersive Puzzle Experience Design

More immersive experiences that aim to draw the player into the world you’re building, and blur the lines between game and reality. These experiences typically take place over a longer period of time and truly engage the players’ sense of intrigue with direct interaction.

Playtesting & Feedback

Already have some puzzles designed and just need some playtesting? We’ll play through your entire experience and generate a comprehensive report on problems we find and any feedback we have on how you can improve the experience. This will also include web vulnerability testing.

Web3.0 & Solidity / Smart Contract Development

If your experience involves NFTs or other Web3 technologies, we’ll take care of the development of smart contracts and interactions with the blockchain to ensure a smooth and integrated experience with the puzzle flow.

Our Team

Cyphage was founded by a group of like-minded puzzle enthusiasts with decades of experience in AAA game development production and engineering, cybersecurity, and software/hardware product engineering.

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